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We Reveal How To Design And Build The Highest Quality Home Within Your Budget

We Reveal How To Design And Build The Highest Quality Home Within Your Budget

If You Want Value For Your Money, Do This First!

When it comes time to build your new home, many people feel that hiring an architect or designer is the first step they need to take. The truth is, in order to get the most value for your money, finding and hiring the right builder should happen before anything else.

Why is This?

Architects and designers are all about creating unique home designs.  You could say they are trained visionaries, experts in creating perfect homes for their clients and that is what they get paid to do!

However, while they are experts in design, very rarely do they understand the true costs associated with building a luxury home.  The reality is, their job is to create a unique home design for you and they get paid whether you end up building the home or not!

The problem with this is that you can be left with a home design that no builder can build for you within your allocated budget – a cUntitled design - 2020-06-09T145736.863ostly and extremely disappointing experience.

There are definitely some fantastic architects and designers out there, but the reality is, they are not builders.  Their specialty and expertise are in home design.

Builders on the other hand are all about practicality, the if’s and how’s and bringing it all together and creating something unique, that works, and is functional.

While it is essential that you have a highly experienced design team, it is critical that you know for certain that your home can be built to your budget.

So how can you ensure that you get value for your luxury custom-built home?

The first step you need to take is to choose an experienced specialist builder who can guide you through the process.

Doing this means that you will get the best possible result without having to spend 18 months running around with ‘over budget’ plans, just trying to find some builder who “says” they can build it on budget… and by the way, just because a builder says they CAN build it on budget, doesn’t mean they actually WILL!

If you go out and source your own architect or designer to design your home before choosing your builder, then you must be prepared that your home may end up costing you more than you had anticipated or may not be able to be started at all due to the cost of the build..

It is so important that your new luxury home is beautiful and provides value. Yes, you can have both! That’s the benefit of having a specialist builder involved in the design process right from the start.

By choosing an award-winning builder who offers design and build services, it means you get the best of both worlds, a home completed to your budget and outstanding quality – a well-designed and well-built home that you will be proud to call your very own.

Ensure you get value for your money by engaging an award-winning builder right from the start who can offer you a complete and highly professional design and build service.

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