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FREE REPORT: How To Design The Highest Quality Home For Your Budget

FREE REPORT: How To Design The Highest Quality Home For Your Budget

On Time Builder – Do They Exist?

Timing is extremely important when building a home, which is why it is imperative to engage an on-time builder who will provide a great experience and a home that will last.

Unexpected time delays due to a builder’s poor organisational skills and failure to establish and work to a plan can be very stressful for the client and potentially cost them significantly more money than what they signed for on the contract.

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Many builders try and win contracts by having short and unrealistic project time frames, caring more about signing a contract than delivering homes within the specified time.

The consequences of this are felt by the home owners, who face additional costs, being unable to move into their home by the expected time, and inconveniences and disruptions to their lives.

Additional Costs to the Owner

While building a new home, many clients are usually renting as they wait to move into their new place.

If the builder has promised an unrealistic time-frame, or is unorganised and has not accurately scheduled their job, the project is likely to go on longer than expected.

This means owners incur additional rent costs, on top of any mortgage costs for their new property or interest on loans.

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Being Unable to Move into a Home by the Expected Time

When home owners sign a contract with a builder to have their home completed by a certain time, they often make plans around this date in anticipation of being able to get settled in and invite over friends and family.

In particular, many owners hope to have their homes ready in time for the Christmas period and while some builders agree to this time-frame in order to make the owners happy, if this is not a realistic period, owners are left frustrated and disappointed.

Inconveniences and Disruptions to Life

Facing time-frame issues causes a range of inconveniences and disruptions in home owners’ lives.

If renting, owners are forced to extend leases, their budgeting to cover mortgage repayments and interest is affected, they face unpredictability and are unable to make long-term plans, and they face the stress of not having a definite move-in date.

The Solution

Ask your builder to show you the schedule they plan to work to before you sign any paperwork to ensure your home will be finished when specified. Engage a builder who specialises in building luxury homes and who knows the true time-frames involved in this type of building.

This ensures that no unrealistic promises are made in regards to completion dates. You can also ask your builder to show you some of their recently completed projects to see whether previous contracts suffered from timeline problems. It’s important your builder includes you in the process and keeps you informed at every stage of the project.

Ensure your home is delivered on time by engaging a specialist builder who works to a plan and click here to discover the five questions you must ask before signing a contract.