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The 7 Things You Must Ask Before You Sign Your Contract

Are You A Time-Poor Professional Wanting To Build A Luxury Home In Brisbane?

Read This First!

Thinking of building? This Is The First Step You Need To Take

Are you Ready to Build your Dream Home, but not sure how to get started?new home build

Are you hoping for a unique, high-quality home, built to award-winning standards? Are you planning on a build that’s delivered on time, on budget and defect-free? Is an enjoyable, stress-free experience important to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Before building your home, the first step is a consultation with an expert. At Yates Builders, you can get just that, with our director, Lukas Yates.

Lukas is currently offering a 1 hour site consultation and inspection. This gives you the opportunity to meet with him on your land. He’ll conduct a thorough inspection, advising you of foreseeable concerns or costs that you might not have considered or accounted for.

Also, you’ll be able to discuss your new home in detail, ask any niggling questions and reap the benefits of Lukas’s many years of experience in luxury home construction.

Lukas’s service is available for busy professionals wanting to design and/or build a unique home. That includes those who require a design and build service AND those who have already engaged an architect or designer.

Your peace of mind is one click away.  To secure your inspection immediately, hit the link – Yates One time Offer

Know the Facts

Even when you’re getting excited about your new build, it’s important to know the facts.

According to the Association of Professional Builders (APB), up to 80% of all house plans drawn up by a designer or an architect never develop into a home or are significantly changed during the building process.

What can go wrong?

Here are three common problems and, most importantly, their solutions.

1. You end up with the land and the plan, but no house

You could end up paying the mortgage on your land, while paying rent elsewhere, and waiting for your new home to be built.

Suddenly, you discover that your plans aren’t doable and no builder is willing to attempt them. This is not uncommon and results in large costs due to holding land and renting while trying to sort out what went wrong.

Solve this by engaging a specialist building company that offers design AND construction. You’ll get excellent advice, telling you exactly what can be done within your budget, and, often, an on-budget guarantee.

2. Your dream home becomes a waking nightmare

You might spend loads of money on fancy design plans, only to find they can’t be executed within your budget.

To avoid this, find an expert construction company that takes care of design and building, and communicates clearly and honestly at all times.

3. Your site has unforeseen access difficulties and restrictions

You might pay tens of thousands of dollars to a designer or an architect, but, when it comes to building, find out your site is riddled with issues that make your plans unfeasible.

Prevent this by finding a builder who understands the pitfalls and truly cares about your build.

A trustworthy builder will check your site thoroughly, warning you of issues and saving you significant amounts of time and money.

Are you looking for an enjoyable, stress-free, om time and on-budget building experience?

Take the first step, by booking a one-hour site inspection and consultation with Yates Director Lukas Yates today.

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