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FREE REPORT: How To Design The Highest Quality Home For Your Budget

Why a 2-page Building Quote Should Sound off Alarm Bells

When building your new home, do you know what you should be looking for in a quote? A building quote can give you a good indication of how well your builder canbuilding quote communicate and whether they’re prepared to give you information upfront or whether they’re giving you as little as possible. That’s why it’s good to do your homework before comparing quotes. 

No two quotes from builders will be the same, they will have different pricing, different inclusions and different exclusions; however, they will be comparable. If you’ve received a quote that is only 1-2 pages long, then alarm bells should sound off straight away.

Here’s why…

Excluding Items to Keep Price Low

Very rarely will builders include everything you have requested for your home or all the accurate specification items provided by your architect. Instead, they exclude a lot of items in order to make their price look lower, which in turn makes their quote shorter.

The result of this will be you taking severe hits to the pocket during the build from costs that have not been accounted for.

Lack of Time and Investment

Since many builders exclude items to make their prices look lower, they have to pay for this under quoting on their next job, which makes them desperate to win work. 

Unfortunately, most builders just don’t invest the time and money into putting together a detailed and accurate quote because they are focused solely on the next job. A builder that is struggling to make a profit from previously under quoted jobs has no idea of the true costs associated with building your new luxury home.

Interested Only in Money

If your builder is not investing their time and money into providing you with a detailed and accurate quote, then it is safe to assume he doesn’t have your best interests at heart. A builder like this is only interested in money and the next job, rather than client satisfaction.

If a builder is disregarding client needs during the quoting process, then things won’t be any different throughout the building process.

The Solution

Look for a builder who provides a quote that is jam-packed with information about your job and the service your builder will provide you with. This should be at least 20 pages in length and should include everything you want in your new home.

Engaging a builder who is a professional and is focused on their clients will provide you with a detailed and accurate quote, which will include all the critical details, such as pricing, information on the service they will provide, the builders’ guarantees and time frame for your job.

Hiring a specialist luxury home builder in Brisbane who is known for building these types of homes, who has a list of satisfied clients and who has been publicly commended for the exceptional service they provide and the quality homes they build means you can be sure you’re engaging with a builder who has your best interests at heart. This type of builder will not only provide a highly detailed quote but will give you a fixed price for a fixed outcome on a fixed date and will provide you with a home and service that exceeds your expectations.

Do you want a professional builder to build your luxury custom-designed home? Download our free guide below and learn what critical questions you need to ask your builder in order to quickly ascertain whether they are a professional who will offer a professional service.