Once I sign the contract, will the price change? Are there any hidden costs?

No there are no hidden costs. At Yates, we present you with a guaranteed fixed price based on the construction drawings and specifications you have provided to us. Your tender price will only change if an allowance has been made for an item in the contract and you go over that allocated amount. Also any selection item that you upgrade or add will incur additional costs. Rest assured we will always notify you of any increase in the contract price.

How do I know if the builder is registered?

All licenced builders are issued with a licence card from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Before you sign a building contract, you must ensure that your builder is licenced – you can do this by asking to see the builder’s licence card or by doing an online licensee search on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s website http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/.

Does the builder hold the correct insurances?

Most residential building work done in Queensland valued over $3300 must have home warranty insurance through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. All builders in Queensland should have this insurance as well as general construction insurance and public liability insurance in case of an accident or someone injuring themselves on your property.

What type of contracts do we use?

We currently use the Queensland Master Builders contracts and the Housing Industry Association contracts.

I don’t have any designs or plans in mind. Can you help with that?

Yes we can. We specialise in custom home building, so we encourage our clients to be involved in the design of their new home. We can provide a complete service package – from initial concept drawings to completion (including design and construction) or we can work from drawings supplied by your Architect.
You will find more details under OUR PROCESS.

Can I have access to the site during construction?

Yes you are able to access the site with the expressed permission and accompaniment of an authorised representative from Yates Builders. We adhere to a strict safety policy with all of our tradespeople, suppliers and visitors to site. It is imperative that this policy is adhered to throughout the construction process.


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