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We Reveal How To Design And Build The Highest Quality Home Within Your Budget

We Reveal How To Design And Build The Highest Quality Home Within Your Budget

NEVER Engage A Builder Who Can’t Show You This!

Building a luxury home doesn’t have to be difficult.  But for some people, it ends up being a nightmare.  And one of the most common problems is time blowouts.

Did you know that the majority of luxury home builders provide incorrect completion dates on their building contracts?

Most of them just guess how long the build will take, simply because they don’t invest the time needed on your build schedule while quoting.

So, the million-dollar question is – how can they quote your home properly if they haven’t even worked out exactly how long it will take to build?

Many luxury home builders try to win contracts by having short and unrealistic project time frames, caring more about signing a contract than delivering your home within the agreed time.

Unexpected time delays due to a builder’s poor organisational skills, lack of experience in building these unique homes, and failure to establish and work to a plan can set you up for a very stressful and costly experience.

For example, while building your new home, you may be renting as you wait to move into your new home.Untitled design - 2020-06-10T095959.475

If your builder has promised an unrealistic time frame or is inexperienced and disorganised, it is highly unlikely that your build has been scheduled accurately and you will likely be forced to extend your lease, which can leave you facing unpredictability and unable to make long-term plans.

The consequences of this are felt by you being unable to move into your new home by the expected time, and being left in the dark in relation to the handover date, incurring unforeseen costs, such as additional rent, on top of any mortgage costs for your new property or interest on loans, not to mention the inconveniences and disruptions to your life.

When you sign a contract with your builder, you expect that your home will be completed within the agreed time and you often make plans around this date in anticipation of settling in and inviting family and friends over.

You may hope to have your home finished in time for the festive season, and while some builders agree to this time frame in order to get the contract signed, if this is not a realistic timeline, you are only left frustrated and disappointed.

As you can see, timing is extremely important when building a luxury home, which is why you must engage a proven on-time builder who is organised and highly experienced in luxury home construction.

The way to quickly identify an on-time builder is to ask this simple question when they present their quote:

“Can you please show me the actual detailed time schedule of my home build that you will be working from (from start to completion)?”

This is the schedule that your building team will adhere to week by week, to ensure that your home is completed on time. A build schedule varies in size depending on the home, but as a general guide, for a luxury home, it will, at the very least, comprise of 200 items categorised from the start of the project right through to the completion.

Remember, building a luxury home is a massive logistical exercise.  It’s about managing people and products.

If you are truly dealing with a professional luxury home builder, they will ensure that no unrealistic promises are made with regards to completion dates and will be more than willing to produce a detailed time schedule for you.

In addition, you can also ask the builder to show you some of their recently completed projects and ask for the contact details of these clients to see whether their homes suffered from timeline problems.

Remember, building a luxury home is a massive logistical exercise.  It’s about managing people and products.  Trust me, these simple questions are worth their weight in gold. They are reassurance that you are, in fact, dealing with a professional luxury home builder who will deliver your home on time, exactly how you want it.

This can save you tens of thousands of dollars and alleviate unnecessary stress and disappointment.


As Sir Winston Churchill so wisely said:

“He Who Fails To Plan Is Planning To Fail.”

Before signing any paperwork with your preferred builder, click here to learn the critical questions you must ask and be certain that you are, in fact, dealing with an organised professional builder who has your best interests at heart.