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Discover How Yates Online Client Portal Puts You In The Driver’s Seat!

For many people, building a new luxury custom home can be a very nerve-racking and daunting prospect… having to step back and relinquish all control and place all of your trust in your builder can be particularly hard, especially when you are investing a lot of your hard-earned money.

Let’s face it, you are busy enough in your professional and personal lives and don’t need any unnecessary stress. Discover how Yates Online Client Portal puts you in control!

1. Worried about not getting value, or the home you had in mind?

It’s easy to feel worried if you’re not there knowing what items your builder’s been buying to get the job done, and even worse if it leads to something different than what you wanted.

This can all be fixed by choosing a builder who has a system in place to keep you informed and updated at all times, to give you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

At Yates, we have an online client portal designed specifically for busy professionals, just like you, who want to feel more in control of the building process and enjoy their building experience through the simple art of clear and open communication.

2. Wonder if you’re being ripped off, and given a product different to what you need?

The stress introduced by having a house built may feel like your builder’s small decisions are increasingly left out of your control. Without the assurance that things are following the specifications you selected, things can get a little stressful the more the bill creeps up.

Choose a builder that has a system in place to keep you informed. You deserve the peace of mind in knowing the build is progressing well, so you don’t need to have a worry list that is so common on many other builders projects.

3. Busy at work but don't have the time to see how things are progressing?

Most homeowners having a luxury home built are busy people and won’t have the time to regularly check in on-site to see how things are evolving in person. If you’re away on business, you still need to be able to see what’s happening and when, to make sure you’re not the only one getting the job done.

When dealing with a professional builder, one who takes pride in client satisfaction, our systems in place will keep you informed on the build from wherever you may be in the world, so that you can be continually assured that your dream project is running according to schedule and in safe hands.

4. No time to yourself, let alone to help guide specifics?

We all know the feeling, building your own dream home can go from exciting to stressful once the anxiety of logistics begins to creep in. You might begin to feel like you have to guide every step of the building process along the way to ensure you’re getting exactly the home you had in mind.

After all, it’s your money at work, and when your builder’s communication leaves you behind, you can feel out-of-the-loop on something that’s supposed to be your mind’s creation coming to life.

Choose a builder who has an online selections schedule that is completed by you, outlining the exact items and finishes you want in your home prior to the build commencing, so you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you want and don’t need to invest more time than you have throughout the process.

Are you nervous about building your new luxury home? Be wise about your choices and choose a professional builder who you can put your full faith in and who promises to keep you informed at all times.

Download our free guide and learn the 5 critical things you must know before designing and building a luxury home.

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